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Spectacular Panoramic Views

the view from the upper terrace

View of Montego Bay from the upper terrace of Anchor Listing Villa

The Villa Staff welcomes you to the Villa The staff of Anchor Listing Villa will welcome you to your vacation paradise on the front steps of the Villa. As you pass through the cool entryway into the Villa, focus your attention on the breathtaking view of Montego Bay through the large expanse of glass overlooking the upper terrace. The view is ever changing with the position of the sun and is as stunning at night as it is during the day. Just wait until you see the lights of Montego Bay shimmer on the sea below you. It's a vision you'll never forget. 

Passing through the glass patio doors guests find themselves on the upper terrace overlooking the swimming pool. It's a perfect place to relax, where the tradewinds keep everyone cool and the warm Jamaican sun kisses your skin. The panoramic view of Montego Bay from here is spectacular and unparalleled. The upper terrace is the perfect place to unwind after your flight arrives in Jamaica. Sit back and relax, "Mon", your dream vacation in paradise has just begun. relaxing on the upper terrace.


dinner at Anchor Listing

Our gourmet meals at the Villa are lavish feasts followed by freshly brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Guests are served at poolside, balcony, on the upper terrace or in the dining room. Each of these locations capture the magnificent view of Montego Bay and the Caribbean. Candlelight dinners are served on the veranda by John Chambers, our live-in butler and Anchor Listing Villa's Manager.


Relax in the shade of the poolside varanda with a tropical drink or stretch out on a chaise after a dip in the cool waters of the pool. The spotlessly clean pool is solar heated for guests' comfort. Average Jamaican temperatures hover around the mid 70's for a low and highs are in the mid 80's, keeping the water at a comfortable temperature that always seems perfect. 
The inviting pool

going to the upper terrace from poolsideThe pool area has stairs that access the upper terrace and living areas of the Villa. Guests can also enter the pool area from the 40 foot balcony in front of the bedroom wing. Whether you worship the sun or prefer a good book in the shade, there's always a spot at poolside to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

view of the private bedroom's balconyLeaving the pool terrace and entering the balcony off the east wing bedroom suites, you become aware of the northeast tradewinds that gently caress your face. These mountain breezes keep the temperature at the Anchor Listing Villa very pleasant and somewhat cooler than the average temperature in Montego Bay. Guests can often see birds coasting and soaring on the tradewinds high above the bay & mountains. 

Our spacious bedroom suites offer our guests an unparalleled view of the Caribbean and Montego Bay through the French doors which lead to the balcony. With 2 large bedroom suites, our villa can accomodate two couples or a family of 4-6 in comfort and luxury. Each suite generously measures 20' X 24' and comes with a full bath. There is a 1/2 bath off the main stairway leading to the dining room and upper patio.
the 2nd bedroom suite Throw open your French doors and let the Tradewinds cool and soothe you. Enjoy fresh, hot coffee on the balcony each morning when you awake as only John can prepare it. Our Villa caters to the most discerning traveler who seeks the privacy and independence only found in an exclusive villa retreat. We have been serving the most discriminating guests from America and around the world since 1977.

east balconyThe rugged Jamaican landscape is neatly interspersed with lush lawns and gardens full of tropical plants. Looking up at the east balcony from the hillside below, ancient rocks and native plants come together to form unsurpassed tropical beauty. The property is abundant with hummingbirds and other tropical feathered friends.

Mo'Bay, Jamaica as seen from the east balcony The breathtaking view of Montego Bay from the balcony off the master bedroom suites is a sight no guest ever tires. Ever changing patterns of the clouds on the water have the ability to mesmerize and captivate. As evening falls, twilight settling in the bay gives the city a whole new look, and the glittering lights of the bustling city at night shimmer and sparkle across the water. 

The mountains cascade away in the east, famed for growing the best coffee in the world. Down the hillside is the tip of the rooftop of the nearest neighbor in this exclusive Content Estates area of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The mountains off to the east.

the side of the villa, nestled in the hillside The Villa is charmingly nestled into the side of the hill, with Jamaica's wild tropical plants cozied up to the meticulous plantings maintained by the staff gardener. Looking like it came from a sultry fairy tale, the Villa is a magical place that delights the eye, warms the heart, and pleases the palate. 

If you love flowers, Anchor Listing Villa gardens are a place for you. Allamanda, Anthurium, Ginger, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Orchids and Poinsettia just name a few of the exquisite blooms you can find growing in abundance in our delightful gardens.

gorgeous pink flowers

Mussaenda flowers lovelier than any you've ever seen abound...

flowers at poolside

and Thunbergia bloom at poolside after a rain...


...while everywhere you look Bougainvilla bloom profusely.


Ackee, the national fruit of Jamaica, grows in the east garden of the Villa...

soaring on the tradewinds

and lovely Hibiscus delight the eye at every turn...

bird of paradise

while exotic tropical plants, like this Heliconia are everywhere you look.

Anchor Listing Villa in Montego Bay has all the charms one could desire in a tropical haven and can give you a holiday you will remember for the rest of your life. You can relax totally and completely, or be as active as you wish. You set your own hours and have the special pleasure of living in your own private villa at a cost that is below that of a first-class hotel for two couples or a family of 4 to 6.
Renting Anchor Listing Villa is unlike staying at a hotel, as you set your own pace, style, and schedule. Imagine a place where you can forget all your cares, a place where you can experience all of the comfort and luxury you've always dreamed of. Imagine the perfect holiday, the ultimate vacation and you've imagined Anchor Listing Villa.


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